All systems operational

SIP Trunk failure

Partial outage
Started 2 months ago Lasted about 3 hours


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  • Resolved

    Dear Customers,

    The problem was solved after a short time by the SIP trunk provider.

    We have continued to observe and monitor the situation and cannot detect any further problems.

    If you still have problems with telephony, please contact us.

  • Investigating

    Dear Customers,

    We have been experiencing several problems with our telephone systems for the past few minutes.

    There is currently a disruption at the SIP trunk provider that provides telephony for our customers using the telephone system we host.

    Unfortunately, customers with telephone systems operated by us are currently unable to make external calls until the problem has been resolved. Internal calls are not affected.

    As soon as we have further information, we will inform you immediately.

    We regret the current inconvenience and would like to apologize for it. Unfortunately, we are dependent on the SIP Trunk provider and their cooperation.